STCN Short Trekking Nord

STCN Short Trekking Nord


Download the track here.

The legendary status associated with Camí de Cavalls is also open to those who are more comfortable with shorter distances, greater paces, higher speeds, or even those who are starting out in the Trail community and want to experience and be part of the Trail Menorca CdC.

With these in mind, we have designed this route which covers the 26 kilometres separating La Vall, one of the most beautiful places in Menorca on account of its status as a virgin beach, and the finishing line.

Tackle the ascents and descents that are peppered about the journey through La Vall, Fontanilles, Cala Morell, Faro Nati and Cala en Blanes, as you make your way to Ciutadella and secure your status as a #LEGEND.

Who wants to become a #LEGEND?

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