A Challenge of Legends

Running through the trail of the “Cami de Cavalls” is like entering a legend, to defy time and overpower your mind whilst you discover the idyllic corner of the Mediterranean. To cover some of the stretches of the 185 kilometres that go around Menorca is to challenge you to the extreme, to taste the less known side of this island, to demonstrate that you are capable. The seventh edition of the “Trail Camí de Cavalls” starts when some of the participantsstill haven’t recuperated from the astonishment of seeing the island as they have never seen before.

A magical outline, full of history. A path whose exact origin is unknown but is most probably tied to the fierce and sad history of Menorca, constantly besieged, first by pirates and then by the French and English fleets that saw the harbour of Maó the perfect key to control the whole of the Mediterranean.

In one of these British dominations, in the XVIII century, the path was formalized, although its use was not exclusively defensive. Two hundred years later, the British left, amongst many other legacies, a complicated at the same time beautiful circuit that trail lovers can enjoy.

The human being, in search of discovering their limits, defy the body to the utmost extreme, taste every kilometre as if it were the last, although the last one never comes. “Ten more strides and I’ll leave it” we would say on occasions when the path was neither short, nor easy, nor comfortable. Ten more strides separate the long distance runners from the rest. No glamour, no fame and always chanting “no pain no gain”.

The “Cami de Cavalls” offers a challenge, an adventure, a competition and much more. From the possibility of satisfying the untamable soul that everyone has inside until you are reunited in a rendezvous where the importance is not to win but to get up off the sofa, leave to one side the sedentary and lazy life, break the monotony, every runner conquers their own Everest summit.

From the experts that struggle to take the glory of being the first to cross the finish line, to the novices, those who discover the charm of running with the special ambient that surrounds this type of event where comradeship is the order of the day. All with different races and different distances so that every one can choose until where they wish to get to. Because even though you are the last in finishing you should think that behind you there is still an immense majority that not dared to run it.

One kilometre more, one more stride, a smile, the insanity that lurks and pain that does not cease. Emotional reasons and meanwhile, “the heart has reasons that reason doesn’t understand”. And one more kilometre…….

Dino Gelabert-Petrus
Journalist & runner.


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